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Virtual real estate agents.

Our world has changed. And we’re changing the world of real estate, too—starting with connecting every home buyer and seller with full access to our virtual real estate agents.

As the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing impact the global business environment, Team Rita is here—now more than ever—to help you adapt to the process of conquering your next real estate adventure.

Real estate—easier than ever.

We’ve got the technologies, techniques, and training to ease the transition into the virtual world of buying or selling a home. And we believe our process makes life easier than ever for our clients and virtual real estate agents alike, starting with the chance to explore multiple properties rather than spend a whole day visiting just a small handful.

Virtual tours and safety.

Our virtual tours create a unique experience that saves you the time and hassle of traveling from one property to the next, enabling you to explore the ins and outs of your potential dream home any time of day all from the comfort of your current residence.

Above all, our virtual real estate agents put the safety of you and your family in good hands. We’re here to help you navigate your next real estate transaction without the sense of worry.

Buy or sell a home with Team Rita on your side.

Ready to work with our virtual real estate agents? Contact us today to search our database of local inventory, schedule a virtual tour, or explore our featured properties for sale.

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